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Spring 2011

09 Jun

Wow, what a Spring it has been! Starting with the National Rodeo and Ga. Livestock Show in Perry, Ga. in Feb, we then had the honor of being at the Fire Fighters Vero Beach, Fla. fair for 10 days in March. The first weekend in April, we traveled to Darien, Ga. for the Blessing of the Fleet festival weekend. What an awesome sight to see all of the Shrimp boats in Parade Regalia coming by to be blessed in prayers from their respective clery. There was a Catholic priest, a Protestant minister and a Jewish Rabbi all there to offer blessings with thousands of spectators standing by.
The second weekend in April was also exciting as we were a part of the Cherokee Spring Pow Wow in St. George, Ga. This four day event was similar to a Family Reunion with meals provided by the Cherokee tribe for just a donation. A very warm and educational experience for all who attended.
Birmingham or the McCalla, Ala. area found us dodging tornados on the third weekend of April as we prepared for the Tannehill State Park Trade Days. As it turned out, that weekend was like a sample of what was to follow on April 23rd. We are stilling thanking the Lord that so many lives were spared compared to the horrific damage that was done to the area.
May started with a terrific weekend at Shady Days in Gay, Ga. with our friends Kris and Mickey Price. It was great to visit with our apprentices from last May and October. Sure hate to miss the
Fall festival this year but we will be “recruiting apprentices” at the county fair in Tuscaloosa, Ala. that week.
The middle of May included another wonderful weekend at the Tannehill State Park in McCalla, Ala. Several friends from last month came back to see us and many new apprentices had the unique experience of helping create their own souvenier horseshoe that is always a “one of a kind” creation just as Mr. Marvin reminds them that they are!